Energy Management

The fact of procedural and certify an energetic management already in operation, ensures that the objectives are maintained throughout the time, independently of the global circumstances of the company, therefore the improvement of the constant Energetic Performance is assured.

SinCeO2 Energy Manager, through a software platform in the cloud, we monitor and analyze:

  • Energy consumption (electricity, gas, water)
  • Weather data
  • Variables that affect consumption (units produced, occupation, tickets, ...)

Those repetitive actions that allow improving the efficiency of a process are automated to ensure compliance and thus improve overall efficiency

Our wide experience in the use of Energy Management Software Platforms allows us to customize SinCeO2 Energy Manager to the Client's needs, achieving the optimization of the multiple functionalities of the platforms

SinCeO2 helps companies in the implementation of Energy Management and Monitoring Software platforms through the completion of Turnkey Projects


We are your External Energy Managers, because knowing the amount of energy bills is a first step to optimize your management. Thanks to an adequate energy management, we identify the consumer elements.