Analysis and evaluation, from the point of view of the Energy Efficiency, of the basic and detailed projects where it is studied

What do we offer?

  • Dimensioning Projects of Boiler Rooms

Throughout the execution of the different technical works carried out by us, research and development needs in Energy Efficiency have been detected.

Some of the initiatives carried out in recent years in this field are:

  • DREEAM (H2020)
  • Development of a tool on Android
  • Demonstration project of monitoring systems

Through the realization of projects of partial or integral rehabilitation, where the replacement of equipment and/or systems is projected by others of high energy efficiency, we will be able to reduce the energy demand of buildings.

The main objectives to achieve with an Audit of regulatory compliance are focused on achieving greater profitability of the real estate asset, controlling risks and optimizing the use of facilities.

We write the technical reports necessary for projects such as for the presentation of grants and subsidies.

From SinCeO2 we establish the guidelines and controls of the management works in the following aspects.

We participate in the coordination of economic technical proposals to improve the energy efficiency of facilities and reduce costs to our customers through energy services projects.

The implementation of energy saving and improvement measures may imply the need to undertake works and major changes in the facilities.

Los principales objetivos a alcanzar con una Auditoría de cumplimiento normativa reglamentaria están enfocados a lograr una mayor rentabilidad del activo inmobiliario, controlar riesgos y optimizar el uso de las instalaciones